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Today, businesses have to sustain innovation, improve productivity and control ever-rising cost in current volatile business environment. It can be challenging to take the next big step of growth for your business while being caught in the whirlpool of everyday operational issues. More importantly, businesses need to build resilience against the constant, ever-changing economic climate with strong infrastructure, systems and processes.

PRIME, a proprietary consultancy system designed by biipmi (pronounced as 'beep-me'), is the solution for you. Productivity from Resilience and Innovation through Manpower Employability, in short, PRIME, had helped companies implement processes to maximise their internal capabilities. These are just some ways we can help you.

  • Business Process Management
    • Improve corporate performance by managing business processes
    • Optimising corporate performance through Total Quality Management System(s)
  • Human Resource Development
    • Execute creative recruitment strategies
    • Implement motivational HR management system
    • Develop manpower with highly versatile skill-sets and adaptability
    • Boost local talent attraction and retention
  • Training & Performance
    • Build or better training infrastructure
    • Enhance training capabilities and capacities
    • Raise productivity through automation
    • Cultivate staff grooming strategies
  • IT Security and Risk Management
    • Identifying risk in all IT infrastructure(s)
    • Designing, developing and implementing effective Risk Management System to mitigate such risk
  • Culture
    • Strengthen Singapore-core work culture
    • Foster a competitive and progressive business mindset
    • Build resilient and flexible human capital management
    • Cultivate strong organisation citizenship behaviour
  • Financial and Credit Management
  • Branding & Marketing

What's more, you can now attain these objectives faster with various government grants made available to you. Based on the principles of PRIME, we can work with you to identify, design and implement an integrated business improvement model to build your internal capabilities.

The team at biipmi (pronounced as 'beep-me') identifies innovative, structured yet practical ways to enhance an individual's employability. More importantly, they can help accelerate your company's growth with their proven roadmaps built upon years of experience – growth in productivity, innovation and resource management.

biipmi designs successful business improvement models for companies like yours with a team of highly experienced professionals. These Organisational Architects are all specialised experts in their own fields of work, exploring the uncharted water to remodel your organisation so that it is able to anticipate and adapt to external factors, enabling it to continuously create value for present and future stakeholders by delivering performance sustainability through continuous transformation, driven by continual learning.

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