We have an awesomely designed landing page, self-assessment tool, powerful resume builder, integrated portfolio system, job-matching portal and social media platform just for you!

The Employability Platform Design For You

biipmi provides users with a Cloud Service to Gain, Retain, Retrain and Regain their Career through a structured and innovative way of documenting your lifelong learning outcomes and work experiences right from learning institutions through retirement. This is to facilitate formal, informal and non-formal learning, thereafter empowering users with the tools to brand themselves through multimedia innovations. allows individuals to:

  • Customise profiles for employers to find you.
  • Perform self-assessment to ascertain career interest and potential career opportunities.
  • Create career, freelance and learning plans for latest offerings.
  • Manage specific filters to pin-point job & course opportunities.
  • Build multiple resumes and portfolios for career progression and advancement.
  • Engage with specific professional networks for social employability.

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