biipmi's birth revolves around the idea of empowerment of individuals to take charge of their careers and personal development through a holistic employability approach. Right from its inception in 2011, biipmi’s mission has been to evangelise and promote holistic employability. biipmi passionately believes that holistic employability requires a strong employability eco-system consisting of individuals, employers, educators and training providers

  • Individuals who are upgrading their skills appropriately and in tune with changing needs of the job marketplace. (Check out the details here.)
  • Educators and training providers that create, modify and offer formal and informal training and learning programmes to address the skills gap between the talent and job marketplaces (Check out the details here.), and
  • Employers that are enlightened in embracing progressive HR policies and see the benefit to themselves in having a workforce that is appropriately skilled and trained. (Check out the details here.)

For the past few years, biipmi has been intensively researching and building solutions around this holistic employability concept. It anticipated this need and through a blend of fore-thought, innovation, expertise and technology, it has designed and implemented scalable employability solutions that are locally developed targeted at enhancing an individual’s employability from a multi-perspective approach.


"Employability: the art of being employable"

Employability is not the same as employment. The two e-words might sound the same, but that’s as far as it goes. Being ‘employable’ requires a complete and holistic approach in three spaces:

  • Personal Attributes – involves a person's employability skills and attributes.
  • Personal Circumstances – includes a range of socioeconomic contextual factors related to individual's social and household circumstance.
  • Demand Factors – include those factors influencing a person's employability, such as labour demand conditions and enabling support of employment related public services.

Just because you have a job doesn’t mean that you’re employable. That’s not all, employability is relative and not absolute. Put it another way: being employable isn’t simply about you. It’s about who you’re up against.

Enhancement of your employability will not go away if you do get a job; it is relevant throughout your working life because you might change your job and/or career several times. The days of working for a single employer doing the same job the same way are over. We all need to enhance on our Personal Attributes, improve our Personal Circumstances and monitor some Demand Factors.


We believe that everyone has the same or equal opportunity to enhance their employability and we hope to inspire people to care about their lifelong employability.

To do this, we focused on providing the best user experience. We take great care and pride to ensure that the features and tools we build aligns with our idea of Employabiliy. We strive to keep everything clear and simple while offering relevant content. We make sure that we are constantly ahead by anticipating needs not yet articulated by our stakeholders, and offer innovative solutions that set the highest possible standards.

Ultimately, our constant dissatisfaction and reflection on Employability will be the driving force behind everything we do.


We believe that building great products depends on great people. biipmi’s design and development is underpinned by the concept of Employability to empower individuals to enhance their own employability. We achieve this by constantly introducing innovative theories and implementing them into products in Find out more about the team!

Anderson Tan
biipmi Pte Ltd

Anderson is passionate about Lifelong Learning for lifelong employability. He believes it pays to invest in gaining, retaining and regaining employment through marketing innovations. Hence biipmi. Anderson has a distinction in M.Arts in Lifelong Learning from Institute of Education, M.Eng and 1st Class Hon. Degree from NUS. He is a career coach, an adult educator, and an entrepreneur.
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Anfernee Tan
Operations Director
biipmi Pte Ltd

Anfernee Tan is the Co-founder and also the Chief Editor of biipmi.print. He oversees all marketing initiatives for content and channel optimization across multiple networks to drive engagement, retention, leads and positive experience for the individual users and business owners. He is a career coach, an adult educator, and an entrepreneur with special interest towards employability, digital media, content marketing and brand strategy. Check out what he has to say!
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Shane Goh
Marketing Director
biipmi Pte Ltd

As the marketing director of biipmi Pte Ltd, Shane’s task is essentially to build up the business and gain entry into new markets. is a technology driven company aiming to reduce the gaps facing employers and employees and achieve greater productivity in the process of staff recruitment. As a new technology platform, getting buy in from potential clients will be difficult. Shane’s experiences and business management skills gathered through his many entrepreneurial and start up ventures will benefit the team in the area of new product marketing.

Kenneth Wayne Wills
Executive Director and Chief Strategist
ECO PRIME Division

Kenneth is the Executive Director and Chief Strategist ECO PRIME Division, a local productivity and performance solutions brand dedicated to the environmental cleaning industry in Singapore. Prior to joining biipmi, he spent over 20 years in middle and senior management working with the environmental cleaning services industry in North America and Southeast Asia. He holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Swiss Management Center University and is currently an MBA candidate specialising in Strategic Planning.

Goh Hin Lan
Professional Trainer and Curriculum Developer

Hin Lan is a trainer and curriculum developer. She is a firm believer in Lifelong Learning and enjoys attending all kinds of seminars and workshops for self-mastery and business excellence. Her experience in the corporate service included many diverse operational portfolios like project and business management. She conducts Employability Workshops and has delivered modules for ACTA, Leadership & People Management and Employability Skills. Hin Lan is also a content contributor for biipmi.